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Level Course Title University Provider
COM150 Media and Society Saylor Saylor
COM201 The Future Of Storytelling Fachhochschule Potsdam Iversity
COM282 Journalism for Social Change University of California, Berkeley EdX
FRCH95 On-Ramp to AP* French Language and Culture Weston High School EdX
HIST220 History of the Slave South University of Pennsylvania Coursera
HIST403 Was Alexander Great? The Life, Leadership, and Legacies of History’s Greatest Warrior Wellesley EdX
LAW220 English Common Law: An Introduction University of London International Programmes Coursera
LAW305 The Global Student's Introduction to U.S. Law University of Florida Coursera
LAW312 The Law of the European Union: An Introduction Universiteit Leiden Coursera
LAW365 International Human Rights Law: Prospects and Challenges Duke University Coursera
POLSCI305 Feminist Politics Saylor Saylor
POLSCI402 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights Saylor Saylor
PSYCH230 Gender and Sexuality Saylor Saylor
PSYCH320 Unethical Decision Making in Organizations University of Lausanne Coursera
PSYCH321 Theories of Personality Saylor Saylor
SOC355 Presumed Innocent? The Social Science of Wrongful Conviction The Pennsylvania State University Coursera