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Level Course Title University Provider
ART292 Introduction to Computational Arts: Visual Arts State University of New York Coursera
CS101 An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python Rice University Coursera
CS122 Data Structures • 数据结构 Tsinghua EdX
CS260 Computer Architecture Princeton University Coursera
CS295 Analysis of Algorithms Princeton University Coursera
CS323 Design of Computer Programs Udacity Udacity
CS326 Introduction to Systems Engineering UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales) Coursera
CS333 Principles of Reactive Programming EPFL Coursera
CS338 Software Testing Udacity Udacity
CS355 Programming Languages Saylor Saylor
CS369 Local Area Networks Saylor Saylor
CS370 The Hardware Software Interface University of Washington Coursera
CS386 Computer Security Stanford University Coursera
CS400 Introduction to Databases Stanford University Coursera
CS434 Cryptography and Network Security IIT Kharagpur NPTEL
DESG392 Introduction to User Interface Design (Part 1) Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
DESG394 Introduction to User Interface Design (Part 2) Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera