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Level Course Title University Provider
ANTH95 Anthropology of Current World Issues The University of Queensland EdX
EDU338 What future for education? University of London Coursera
EDU338 History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education Duke University Coursera
EDU339 Designing a New Learning Environment Stanford University Novoed
EDU344 Performance Assessment in the Virtual Classroom University of California, Irvine Coursera
EDU345 e-Learning Ecologies University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Coursera
POLSCI112 Democratic Development Stanford University Coursera
PSYCH180 The Science of Happiness University of California, Berkeley EdX
PSYCH234 Creativity, Innovation, and Change The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
PSYCH269 Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences Rutgers University Coursera
PSYCH280 Research Methods Saylor Saylor
PSYCH318 Moralities of Everyday Life Yale University Coursera
PSYCH320 Unethical Decision Making in Organizations University of Lausanne Coursera
PSYCH321 Theories of Personality Saylor Saylor
PSYCH452 Psychotherapy Saylor Saylor
SOC311 Qualitative Research Methods University of Amsterdam Coursera
SOC315 Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys University of Michigan Coursera
SOC318 Networks, Crowds and Markets Cornell EdX
SOC333 Technology and Ethics The Ohio State University Coursera
SOC335 Community Change in Public Health Johns Hopkins University Coursera