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Level Course Title University Provider
BIO101 Introduction to Biology: DNA to Organisms University of California, Irvine Coursera
BIO105 Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Saylor Saylor
BIO106 Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Ecology Lab Saylor Saylor
BIO125 Evolution: A Course for Educators American Museum of Natural History Coursera
BIO125 Human Evolution: Past and Future University of Wisconsin-Madison Coursera
BIO301 Tales from the Genome Udacity Udacity
BIO301 Useful Genetics The University of British Columbia Coursera
CS101 Programming Foundations with Python Udacity Udacity
CS101 An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python Rice University Coursera
ENTR301 How to Build a Startup Udacity Udacity
MED0 Drug Discovery, Development & Commercialization UC San Diego Coursera
MED0 Cardiac Arrest, Hypothermia, and Resuscitation Science University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MED0 Clinical Problem Solving University of California, San Francisco Coursera
NER S220 Fundamentals of Neuroscience, Part I Harvard EdX