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Level Course Title University Provider
CS230 C++ Programming Saylor Saylor
EE261 Linear Circuits Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
EE270 Digital Systems Universitat Aut┼łnoma de Barcelona Coursera
EE280 A System View of Communications: From Signals to Packets (Part 1) The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology EdX
EE286 Signals and Systems, Part 1 IIT Bombay EdX
EE287 Signals and Systems, Part 2 IIT Bombay EdX
EE310 Principles of Electric Circuits: Part 1 Tsinghua EdX
EE354 Computation Structures - Part 1: Digital Circuits MIT EdX
EE458 Discrete Time Signals and Systems Rice EdX
EE458 Discrete-Time Signal Processing MIT EdX
IT200 Internet History, Technology, and Security University of Michigan Coursera
IT291 Understanding Wireless: Technology, Economics, and Policy NotreDame EdX
IT327 Healthcare Data Visualization Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
IT423 Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes Princeton University Coursera