Art Appreciation and Techniques

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Art Appreciation and Techniques

Course Description:

Introductory course that explores what defines art, how to describe works of art, different types of media and how they are made, and provides a basic survey of Western art history from the prehistoric to the present.

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  • Davis
    Peter Completed Course Aug 13 2015
    High Rates for Art Appreciation and Techniques Definitely one of the best college level courses I have ever took and complete with a great score at Saylor. Αs you probably know, there are many students, posting and discussing things have been taught in the course, such is form and content, art appreciation, and other units.
    There is also a topic which you can share your art, if you consider that the artistic process is much more than to discuss. I would highly recommend that course, which is not only a course for artists or historians,but a course to increase your critical thinking.
  • dkLMSTHW
    dkLMSTHW Enrolled May 06 2023
    Mr. 555