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Communicating Strategically

Course Description:

Far too frequently, the people who have the most to say have the hardest time saying it. Many of the best minds in our society, our most talented employees and our most promising students, fail to have the impact they could because of ineffective strategies for communicating their ideas and insights to others. One problem is that communication training often happens early in a student’s academic career. Most college students get some training in communication, usually as a required freshman course. These courses can be very helpful, but these courses often cover information that, with out practice, is often forgotten. By the time these students begin to develop expertise in specific disciplines and begin working in certain industries, the communication needs become specialized and more challenging. The second problem is that many people often underestimate how hard it is to effectively communication and think they do a better job than they actually do. After all, their content makes sense to them, and if someone else doesn't understand, it must be their fault. A third problem is that some people don't want to communicate. They don't feel it is their job. They want to focus on their own technical areas of expertise. Perhaps they fear it a little because it is not their "area" or they simply dismiss it as unimportant. Either way, such beliefs ultimately become constraints on their own success and run counter to the expectations of others who oversee their work. So, avoiding communication is usually not an option. This five-week refresher course is designed to attempt to boil down essential components of communication strategy and is geared toward improving professional presentations, especially those where experts (scientists, engineers, and other technical professionals) are attempting to communicate with non-scientists, usually management, to inform organizational decision-making. 

  • Instructor(s) Dr. Bart Collins, Dr. Melanie Morgan
  • University
  • Provider
  • Start Date 12/Feb/2015
  • Duration Always Available
  • Main Language English
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