Basics of Energy Sustainability

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Basics of Energy Sustainability

Classified as: ES265 - Sustainable Energy (2 Alt. Courses Available)
Course Description:

Sustainability, defined by Rice’s Energy and Environment Institute (EEi), is energy security, affordability, and environmental responsibility as the three required foundational pillars.     We will explore and understand the fundamental principles of energy sustainability from the perspective of the techno/economic framework and maturity of the market in the geography of interest.  Global impact and the effects of global commerce will drive investment and the hierarchy of the three fundamentals.  With an emphasis on the oil and gas sector, petrochemicals, and power industry, thought leaders will discuss these principles with participants in the context of real-world industry examples and share their personal insights on best practices and future trends. The four-week course will examine three fundamentals of energy sustainability and their application in today’s dynamic industry landscape in oil and gas (upstream, midstream, downstream), petrochemicals (upstream and downstream), power and energy trading: Available and secure supply of energy.  A portfolio of options and interconnections of supply and demand for long-term access and systems analysis of best available options. Affordable and competitive cost of energy.  An analysis of economic competitiveness and investment options for not only generation but a systems analysis of total cost impact. Environmental responsibility in the production and consumption of energy.  An analysis of technical options and the optimizing of local and international policy and regulations. Through guest presentations and interviews with business executives and thought leaders, case studies, cutting-edge research and interactive learning experiences, participants will build the relevant knowledge and capabilities to effectively deliver consulting and support services effectively to specific clients and enterprises in the market.  Assessment will include methods such as quizzes, written reflections, individual/team projects, etc.

Course Tags: Sustainability
  • Instructor(s) Charles D. McConnell
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  • Start Date 30/Apr/2015
  • Duration Always Available
  • Main Language English
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