English for Doing Business in Asia - Writing

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English for Doing Business in Asia - Writing

Course Description:

The use of English for doing business in multinational settings is a fact of life for many business people. And, as Asian economies expand and become more involved in the global economy, having the ability to write clear and concise English is important when exchanging information. This course has two goals. The first is to introduce non-native speakers of English to methods for developing written English language and communication skills for doing business in Asia. The second is to examine the impact of cross-cultural interactions and globalization on English communications. By exploring and participating in a business simulation set in Asia, you will develop the principal skills for effective communication in English when conducting business in China and other Asian countries. By the end of this 7-week course you will be able to: use a range of vocabulary and expressions that are commonly used in business English and in business writing; plan, research and structure a piece of writing according to the needs of a specific reader and purpose; write a series of coherent and cohesive sentences and expand ideas with details, examples and explanations; identify the purpose of a written document to meet the audience’s needs, organize a written document to suit the audience and purpose, write an informative and a persuasive written document relevant to a business context in Asia; and develop an understanding of cross-cultural issues, style, and genre for business communication purposes.

Course Tags: Asia
  • Instructor(s) Sean McMinn, Delian Gaskell
  • University
  • Provider
  • Start Date 02/Jun/2015
  • Duration 7 weeks
  • Main Language English
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