Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer?

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Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer?

Course Description:

Ask not what your customer can do for you – ask what you can do for your customer.  In Entrepreneurship 101, you’ve learned to look at the world through the eyes of the customer – and ah, what a great perspective it is! But the journey doesn’t stop there. For the holy grail of specificity – while already within reach – there is still much to learn before obtaining it. Just as important as finding your customer is creating a great product that will solve the customer’s problem.  How will customers acquire your product?  How will it solve the customer’s problem? What value will your product bring?  What is your secret sauce?  How do you stack up vis-à-vis the competition? From fields as diverse as virtual immortality, small business marketing, urban design, language education, healthcare, and entrepreneur support services, we use in-depth case studies of entrepreneurs to examine how they developed their product concepts, solved their customer’s problem, established a clear value proposition, refined their secret sauce, and understood their competition.  The journey continues.  Are you with us?  The customer is waiting.

Course Tags: Startups
  • Instructor(s) Bill Aulet
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  • Start Date 09/Jan/2015
  • Duration Always Available
  • Main Language English
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