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Pre-University Calculus

Course Description:

Pre-university Calculus will prepare you for Introductory Calculus courses. In this course you will refresh, or become familiar with, some elementary mathematics which are assumed to be mastered by beginning Bachelor students. You will develop the skills needed for your first calculus course at university-level, building on high-school level mathematics. With this course we aim to help students who want to start a bachelor’s degree at a university to find out what kind of mathematical skills are required.   Summary of course content : Sets, number systems, powers and roots. Functions, composition of functions, inverse functions. Trigonometric functions, evaluation for special angles, trigonometric identities and 
equations. Definition of limit, rules for limits, some elementary techniques for calculating 
limits. Definition of derivative, derivatives of elementary functions, rules for 
differentiation, concept of differential. Definition of integral, fundamental theorem of calculus, anti-derivatives for 
elementary functions, some elementary techniques for integration.

  • Instructor(s) Various
  • University
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  • Start Date 13/Jul/2015
  • Duration Always Available
  • Main Language English
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