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Space Mission Design and Operations

Classified as: AERO E224 - (1 Alt. Course Available)
Course Description:

Space exploration is truly fascinating. From the Sputnik mission to the assembly and exploitation of the International Space Station or the Apollo program, we are just beginning to uncover the many mysteries of our universe! This course builds on university-level mechanics to introduce and illustrate orbital dynamics as they are applied in the design of space missions. You will learn from the experiences of Claude Nicollier, one of the first ESA astronauts, specifically, his role in the maintenance of the Hubble Space Telescope with NASA. The course focuses on conceptual understanding of space mechanics, manoeuvers, propulsion and control systems used in all spacecraft. Learners will gain knowledge of the challenges related to the use of the space environment as a scientific and commercial platform.

  • Instructor(s) Claude Nicollier, Camille Pirat and others
  • University
  • Provider
  • Start Date 22/Feb/2017
  • Duration Always Available
  • Main Language English
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