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Functional Programming Principles in Scala

Course Description:

Learn about functional programming, and how it can be effectively combined with object-oriented programming. Gain practice in writing clean functional code, using the Scala programming language.

  • Instructor(s) Martin Odersky
  • University
  • Provider
  • Start Date 15/Sep/2014
  • Duration 7 weeks
  • Main Language English
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  • sten
    Mark Completed Course Nov 14 2013
    The difficulty of this class will depend on your exposure to functional programming. It is not an introduction to Scala though you do achieve a fair deal of exposure to the language. Instead the class is an class on functional programming principles and learning the new ways to think about programming can be difficult. That said exposure to new models of thinking can be very enlightening and this was one of those cases. One of the best classes I've taken yet.