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Level Course Title University Provider
BIO341 Computational Biology Saylor Saylor
CS101 Introduction to Programming with Java - Part 1: Starting to Program in Java Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) EdX
CS118 Computing: Art, Magic, Science ETH Zurich EdX
CS127 Mobile Computing with App Inventor – CS Principles Trinity College EdX
CS230 C++ Programming Saylor Saylor
CS286 Diploma in Web Design ALISON ALISON
CS286 Web Development Udacity Udacity
CS286 Web Application Architectures University of New Mexico Coursera
CS357 Developing Scalable Apps with Java Udacity Udacity
CS385 Developing Data Products Johns Hopkins University Coursera
CS390 Mobile Applications Development Saylor Saylor
CS390 Begin programming: build your first mobile game University of Reading FutureLearn
CS390 Mobile Web Development Udacity Udacity
CS390 Building Mobile Experiences MIT EdX
CS395 Intro to iOS App Development with Swift Udacity Udacity
CS477 Bioinformatics Algorithms (Part 1) UC San Diego Coursera
CS478 Bioinformatics Algorithms (Part 2) UC San Diego Coursera
CS534 Health Informatics in the Cloud Udacity Udacity
IT327 Healthcare Data Visualization Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
MATH131 Effective Thinking Through Mathematics UTAustin EdX
MGT OP215 Business Statistics Saylor Saylor
PHAR0 Case-Based Introduction to Biostatistics Johns Hopkins University Coursera
PUB H0 Interprofessional Healthcare Informatics University of Minnesota Coursera
PUB H0 Contemporary Health Informatics Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PUB H0 Health Informatics in the Cloud Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PUB H0 Mobile Healthcare technologies for patients and providers Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
PUB H0 eHealth – Opportunities and Challenges Karolinska Institutet EdX
PUB H0 Health in Numbers: Quantitative Methods in Clinical & Public Health Research Harvard EdX
PUB H0 Health Leadership UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales) Coursera
STATS93 Preparing for the AP* Statistics Exam Tennessee Board of Regents EdX
STATS205 Introduction to Statistics Saylor Saylor
STATS205 Intro to Statistics Udacity Udacity
STATS205 Statistics Udacity Udacity
STATS212 Statistics II Saylor Saylor
STATS412 Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp Johns Hopkins University Coursera
STATS418 Big Data Analytics for Healthcare Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera