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Chem E 301
Chem E 305
Chem E 475
  • Basics of Biology, Overview of Biotechnology, Diversity in Microbial Cells, Cell Constituents, Chemicals for Life. Kinetics of Enzyme Catalysis. Immobilized Enzy...
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Chem E 280
  • The development of fast, efficient and inexpensive computers has significantly increased the range of engineering problems that can be solved reliably. Computati...
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Chem E 310
Chem E 323
Chem E 435
Chem E 436
Chem E 480
Civil E 350
  • This course will focus on basic technologies for the treatment of urban sewage. Unit processes involved in the treatment chain will be described as well as the p...
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EE 286
EE 287
Civil E 315
  • The basic purpose of this course is to introduce 2nd year Chemical Students to the concepts of fluid mechanics.First few lectures will review the fundamentals of...
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Mech E 357
EE 458
Chem 100
  • This course is designed to look at the topics covered in advanced high school chemistry courses, correlating to the standard topics as established by the America...
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Chem 101
Envsci 101
ES 101
Chem 105