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ES 467
Matsci 387
CS 93
Envsci 93
CS 85
  • Want to solve challenging problems? Want to learn some computer science? Want to make amazing games, drawings, and songs online?   This is a course that introd...
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ES 101
Matsci 219
  • This course will discuss the approaches used to understand important properties of materials and the relationships between these properties. Elementary quantum m...
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Matsci 320
CS 381
Matsci 406
CS 454
  • This course aims to teach students the principles involved in compiler design. It will cover all the basic components of a compiler but not the advanced material...
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Stats 360
Math 83
Bio 93
Chem 93
Phys 93
Anth 95
Mus 140
Phys 191
  • Albert Einstein has become the icon of modern science. Following his scientific, cultural, philosophical, and political trajectory, this course aims to track the...
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Mech E 212
  • Introduction to the study of mechanics, or how forces affect bodies in motion. Reviews Newtonian physics and its application to statics systems, analyzes static ...
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