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Ocn E 307
Ocn E 312
Ocn E 329
  • Regular water waves – definition of ship motions – single degree of freedom motions in regular waves – uncoupled heave, pitch and roll motions – coupled heave an...
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Ocn E 337
  • Introduction - ideal and viscous incompressible fluid; Kinematics of fluid; Lagrangian and Eulerian methods of description, velocity, acceleration, streamlines, ...
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Ocn E 455
Envsci 320
ES 120
  • Learn how our world’s energy forces – from wind and waves to storms and currents – animate the Earth’s surface and allow our planet to support life.
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Bio 130
Eng 250
  • Love letters generated by a computer. An online poem two hundred trillion stanzas long. A mystery novel in the form of a wiki. The story of Inanimate Alice, told...
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ES 260
Envsci 280
Edu 286
ES 322
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