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Level Course Title University Provider
COM108 Introduction to Communication Science University of Amsterdam Coursera
COM110 Principles Of Human Communication Saylor Saylor
ENTR183 How to Start a Startup Y Combinator Y Combinator
FS221 Nutrition and Wellbeing University of Aberdeen FutureLearn
GL173 Exploring Play: The Importance of Play in Everyday Life The University of Sheffield FutureLearn
HIST267 Behind the Scenes at the 21st Century Museum University of Leicester FutureLearn
MGT101 Introduction to Business Saylor Saylor
MGT210 Corporate Communication Saylor Saylor
MGT238 Discovering Business in Society University of Exeter FutureLearn
MGT239 Innovation: the Key to Business Success University of Leeds FutureLearn
MGT243 Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals University of Bath FutureLearn
MGT353 Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World University of Groningen FutureLearn
MGT358 Cognitive technologies: The real opportunities for business Deloitte University Press Novoed
MGT378 Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business University of Southampton FutureLearn
MGT425 Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, Part I University of Virginia Coursera
MGT483 Organizational Behavior Saylor Saylor
MGT491 Strategic Management Open2Study Open2Study
MGT491 Foundations of Business Strategy University of Virginia Coursera
MGT492 Leading Strategic Innovation in Organizations Vanderbilt University Coursera
MGT493 Strategic Information Technology Saylor Saylor
MRKT215 Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights University of Southampton FutureLearn
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy Saylor Saylor
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy The University of Edinburgh Coursera
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness MIT EdX
PHIL108 Moral and Political Philosophy Saylor Saylor
PHIL108 Political Philosophy: An Introduction University of Florence Iversity
PHIL108 Revolutionary Ideas: An Introduction to Legal and Political Philosophy University of Pennsylvania Coursera
PSYCH234 Creativity, Innovation, and Change The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
PSYCH280 Research Methods Saylor Saylor