What is CourseBuffet all about?

CourseBuffet is a course catalog for online learning. Our mission is simple, help you find courses for subjects you want to learn and enable you to compare those choices easily and pick the best one for you.

How does CourseBuffet show me all my choices?

We find college courses from all the providers out there and put them in one place. We list all the courses from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such as Coursera, Udacity, edX, etc, and also other providers such as the OpenCourseWare consortium, Saylor, and others. We have over 500 courses listed.

How does CourseBuffet enable me to compare?

We know there are other sites listing MOOC courses but they still leave it up to you figure out which courses are similar. That is time consuming and frustrating. Remember we want to make it easy to compare. That is why we have a CourseBuffet Classification System which we use to classify every course. We assign a subject and level to every course similar to what is done at many leading universities. Now you can click on a course’s CourseBuffet course number and see what other courses cover the same subject. No more needing to figure out which specific courses from Coursera is a near equivalent to a specific Udacity, Saylor, edX, etc course. One click and you see all your choices next to each other. We also list if a course has video, audio, or a textbook so you can choice based on your learning style.

Why should I sign up for CourseBuffet?

With a CourseBuffet account you can quickly save the courses you find in your searches. You can also send people a link to your page so they can see what you are interested in learning. Now there is no need to send them multiple links. There will be more things you can do but will keep that secret for now! It takes less than 30 seconds to sign up and you can login in with Facebook or with your email.

Who is behind CourseBuffet?

Paddy (Pradyumna) and Bruce. When they are not busy classifying or coding they might be browsing stackoverflow or Slashdot or in Paddy's case might be watching the newest Game of Thrones. Tripad has joined us and works on making CourseBuffet prettier and more functional. He spends his free time listening to EDM or browsing the newest meme...needless to say he is always (ALWAYS!) on his laptop.