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Level Course Title University Provider
ASTR101 The Evolving Universe Caltech EdX
ASTR101 Introduction to Solar Systems Astronomy Arizona State University EdX
ASTR120 Astronomy: Discovering the Universe Curtin university Open2Study
ASTR121 AstroTech: The Science and Technology behind Astronomical Discovery The University of Edinburgh Coursera
ASTR150 Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe Australian National University EdX
ASTR220 The Violent Universe Australian National University EdX
ASTR240 Super-Earths And Life Harvard EdX
ASTR345 Galaxies and Cosmology California Institute of Technology Coursera
ASTR345 Cosmology Australian National University EdX
ASTR360 The Science of the Solar System Caltech Coursera
ASTR420 Exoplanets Australian National University EdX
ASTR432 Confronting The Big Questions: Highlights of Modern Astronomy University of Rochester Coursera
ASTR435 Relativity and Astrophysics Cornell EdX
CS114 Think. Create. Code The University of Adelaide EdX
CS118 Computing: Art, Magic, Science ETH Zurich EdX
CS119 Computing: Art, Magic, Science - Part II ETH Zurich EdX
CS121 Paradigms of Computer Programming Louvain EdX
CS175 JavaScript Basics Udacity Udacity
CS180 Introduction to Linux LinuFoundation EdX
EE261 Circuits and Electronics MIT EdX
EE261 Linear Circuits Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
EE270 Digital Systems Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona Coursera
EE280 A System View of Communications: From Signals to Packets (Part 1) The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology EdX
EE286 Signals and Systems, Part 1 IIT Bombay EdX
EE287 Signals and Systems, Part 2 IIT Bombay EdX
EE288 Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds University of California, Berkeley EdX
EE310 Principles of Electric Circuits: Part 1 Tsinghua EdX
EE340 Introduction to Electronics Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
EE354 Computation Structures - Part 1: Digital Circuits MIT EdX
EE355 Solar Energy Delft EdX
EE417 Introduction to Power Electronics University of Colorado Boulder Coursera
EE441 An Introduction to Electronics Systems Packaging IISc Bangalore NPTEL
FRNSC100 Introduction to forensic science University of Strathclyde FutureLearn
FRNSC101 Introduction to Forensic Science Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Coursera
MATH80 Succeed with Maths OUUK OpenupEd
MATH83 Introduction to Geometry SchoolYourself EdX
MATH91 College Algebra Udacity Udacity
PHYS93 Preparing for the AP* Physics 2 Exam – Part 1: Fluids and Thermodynamics Rice EdX
PHYS93 Preparing for the AP* Physics 2 Exam – Part 2: Electricity and Magnetism Rice EdX
PHYS93 Preparing for the AP* Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Exam Georgetown EdX
PHYS93 Preparing for the AP* Physics 1 Exam Boston University EdX
PHYS93 AP® Physics 2: Challenging Concepts Davidson Next EdX
PHYS93 AP® Physics 1: Challenging Concepts Davidson Next EdX
PHYS191 The Einstein Revolution Harvard EdX
PHYS230 Special Theory of Relativity IIT Bombay NPTEL
PHYS230 Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity Stanford University Coursera
PHYS250 Mastering Quantum Mechanics MIT EdX
PHYS250 Question Reality! Science, philosophy, and the search for meaning Dartmouth EdX
PHYS273 Introduction to Light, Color, and Life Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Coursera
PHYS380 The discovery of the Higgs boson The University of Edinburgh FutureLearn
PHYS411 From the Big Bang to Dark Energy The University of Tokyo Coursera