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Level Course Title University Provider
ART210 Art of Ancient Egypt and the Ancient Near East Saylor Saylor
ART217 The Study of Folklore Peking University EdX
ART226 The Rise of Superheroes and Their Impact On Pop Culture Smithsonian Institution EdX
ART305 Art of Ancient Greece and Rome Saylor Saylor
ART317 Roman Architecture Saylor Saylor
AS0 Equine Nutrition The University of Edinburgh Coursera
AS0 The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management University of Florida Coursera
AS0 Animal Behaviour and Welfare The University of Edinburgh Coursera
CIVIL E325 Mechanical Behavior of Materials MIT EdX
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming MIT EdX
CS296 Introduction to Game Design MIT EdX
EE214 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Rice University Coursera
EE261 Circuits and Electronics MIT EdX
EE288 Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds University of California, Berkeley EdX
EE310 Principles of Electric Circuits: Part 1 Tsinghua EdX
EE340 Introduction to Electronics Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
EE354 Computation Structures - Part 1: Digital Circuits MIT EdX
ENTR101 User Innovation: A Path to Entrepreneurship MIT EdX
ENTR111 Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer? MIT EdX
ENTR112 Entrepreneurship 102: What can you do for your customer? MIT EdX
ENTR140 Becoming an Entrepreneur MIT EdX
MATH93 Calculus 1A: Differentiation MIT EdX
MATH193 Street-Fighting Math MIT EdX
MUS140 Fundamentals of Music Theory The University of Edinburgh Coursera
MUS154 How Music Works University of Florida Coursera
MUS155 Developing Your Musicianship Berklee College of Music Coursera
MUS189 Introduction to Guitar Berklee College of Music Coursera
MUS353 Songwriting Berklee College of Music Coursera
MUS483 Modern Musician Capstone Berklee College of Music Coursera
STATS360 Introduction to Probability - The Science of Uncertainty MIT EdX