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Level Course Title University Provider
ACCT201 Introduction to Financial Accounting Saylor Saylor
ACCT201 An Introduction to Financial Accounting University of Pennsylvania Coursera
ACCT202 Managerial Accounting: Cost Behaviors, Systems, and Analysis University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Coursera
ACCT202 Management Accounting ACCA EdX
B LAW210 Business Law and Ethics Saylor Saylor
B LAW360 Introduction to European Business Law Lund University Coursera
COM330 Public Relations Saylor Saylor
CS101 Computer Science 101 Stanford University Coursera
CS295 Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1 Stanford University Coursera
CS360 Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2 Stanford University Coursera
CS386 Computer Security Stanford University Coursera
CS400 Introduction to Databases Stanford University Coursera
CS432 Cryptography Stanford University Coursera
CS433 Cryptography II Stanford University Coursera
ECON101 Principles of Microeconomics University of Pennsylvania Coursera
ECON102 Principles of Macroeconomics The University of Melbourne Coursera
ECON102 Macroeconomic Principles Arizona State University EdX
ECON301 Intermediate Microeconomics Saylor Saylor
ECON303 Economics of Money and Banking, Part One Columbia University Coursera
ECON303 Economics of Money and Banking, Part Two Columbia University Coursera
ECON303 Money and Banking / Financial Economics Saylor Saylor
ECON305 Understanding economic policymaking IE Business School Coursera
ECON333 International Economics IIT Kanpur NPTEL
ECON419 Globalization and You University of Washington Coursera
ENG101 English Composition Arizona State University EdX
ENG102 Writing II: Rhetorical Composing The Ohio State University Coursera
ENTR445 Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 Stanford University Novoed
ENTR447 Technology Entrepreneurship Part 2 Stanford University Novoed
FIN301 Finance Stanford University Novoed
GL90 Understanding Research Methods University of London Coursera
HIST274 History of Africa to 1890 Saylor Saylor
HIST432 The Emergence of the Modern Middle East Tel Aviv University Coursera
HIST453 The Fall and Rise of Jerusalem Tel Aviv University Coursera
IT250 Management Information Systems Saylor Saylor
IT267 Geospatial Intelligence & the Geospatial Revolution The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
IT301 Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coursera
IT331 Information Theory The Chinese University of Hong Kong Coursera
IT374 Information Security and Risk Management in Context University of Washington Coursera
IT375 Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit University of Washington Coursera
IT427 Information Security Saylor Saylor
LAW265 ContractsX: From Trust to Promise to Contract Harvard EdX
MATH91 College Algebra and Problem Solving Arizona State University EdX
MATH171 Calculus: Single Variable University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MATH173 Single-Variable Calculus II Saylor Saylor
MATH260 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking Stanford University Coursera
MGT101 Introduction to Business Saylor Saylor
MGT178 Enhance Your Career and Employability Skills University of London Coursera
MGT301 Organizational Analysis Stanford University Coursera
MGT373 Better Leader, Richer Life University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MGT410 Principles of Project Management Polytechnic West Open2Study
MGT430 Globalization of Business Enterprise IESE Business School Coursera
MGT461 International Organizations Management University of Geneva Coursera
MGT483 Organizational Behavior Saylor Saylor
MGT485 Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills University of Michigan Coursera
MGT491 Foundations of Business Strategy University of Virginia Coursera
MGT OP340 An Introduction to Operations Management University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MGT OP345 Supply Chain and Logistics Fundamentals MIT EdX
MGT OP360 Supply Chain Design MIT EdX
MGT OP410 Supply Chain Dynamics MIT EdX
MRKT360 An Introduction to Marketing University of Pennsylvania Coursera
NER S250 Basic Behavioral Neurology University of Pennsylvania Coursera
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy The University of Edinburgh Coursera
PHIL101 Introduction to Philosophy: God, Knowledge and Consciousness MIT EdX
PHIL108 Revolutionary Ideas: An Introduction to Legal and Political Philosophy University of Pennsylvania Coursera
PHIL180 Critical Thinking - Reason and Fair Play in Communication Maastricht School of Management Romania Iversity
PHIL180 Think Again: How to Reason and Argue Duke University Coursera
PHIL201 Introduction to Logic Stanford University Coursera
PHIL201 Logic: Language and Information 1 The University of Melbourne Coursera
PHIL201 Logic and Critical Thinking Saylor Saylor
PHIL342 Practical Ethics Princeton University Coursera
PHIL427 Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition IIT Bombay NPTEL
PHYS150 How Things Work 1 University of Virginia Coursera
PHYS191 The Einstein Revolution Harvard EdX
POLSCI322 Justice Harvard EdX
POLSCI460 International Organization(s) Saylor Saylor
PSYCH101 Introduction to Psychology University of Toronto Coursera
PSYCH318 Moralities of Everyday Life Yale University Coursera
REL165 Greek and Roman Mythology University of Pennsylvania Coursera
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Princeton University Coursera
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Arizona State University EdX
SOC341 Paradoxes of War Princeton University Coursera
STATS205 Statistics One Princeton University Coursera