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Level Course Title University Provider
ANTH95 Anthropology of Current World Issues The University of Queensland EdX
ANTH120 A Brief History of Humankind Hebrew University of Jerusalem Coursera
ART180 Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers California Institute of the Arts Coursera
ART240 Creating Site-Specific Dance and Performance Works California Institute of the Arts Coursera
ART290 Introduction to Computational Arts State University of New York Coursera
EDU222 Art and Inquiry: Museum Teaching Strategies For Your Classroom The Museum of Modern Art Coursera
EDU225 Art & Activity: Interactive Strategies for Engaging with Art The Museum of Modern Art Coursera
EDU265 Library Advocacy Unshushed: Values, evidence, action University of Toronto EdX
EDU273 The Art of Teaching GEMS EdX
EDU278 Childhood in the Digital Age The Open University FutureLearn
EDU320 First Year Teaching (Elementary Grades) - Success from the Start New Teacher Center Coursera
ENG101 English Composition Arizona State University EdX
FS221 Food, Nutrition & Your Health Open2Study Open2Study
FS225 Nutrition, Health, and Lifestyle: Issues and Insights Vanderbilt University Coursera
FS230 Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Coursera
FS410 The Science of Gastronomy The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Coursera
THEAT250 Theatre and Globalization Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen Coursera
THEAT265 DOCUMENTARY! New Trends, New Formats Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) EdX
THEAT270 Introduction to Film Studies IIT Madras NPTEL
TRDEV85 Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects UC San Diego Coursera
TRDEV227 Decision Skills: Power Tools to Build Your Life Decision Education Foundation Novoed
TRDEV267 Leaders of Learning Harvard EdX
TRDEV350 Conversations that Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change Case Western Reserve University Coursera