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Short answers to your questions about CourseBuffet

We have had a surge of interest and many of you have questions so we want to answer some of them here.

Q. What is the goal of CourseBuffet?

The goal of CourseBuffet is to help you find high quality courses, compare them easily, and form learning paths from the courses you pick.

Q. Can I get university credit or certificates from CourseBuffet?

At the moment we don’t offer credits or certificates but we are working on options like this.

Q. What is this CourseBuffet Classification System? It is our way of organizing courses from many different universities and platforms in a way that makes it easier for you to compare them directly and form learning paths. Please check out the FAQ  to find out more.

We look forward to making it even easier to find the right courses for you and helping you find opportunities to get the most value from what you are and have learned already.