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Bio 435
  • Virus history, Diversity, shapes, sizes and components of genomes. Isolation and purification of viruses and components. Consequences of virus infection to anima...
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BioSci 365
  • Graphs and functions, Derivative of a function, Techniques of differentiation Differentiation and its application in Biology, Finding maxima, minima, Plotting fu...
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BioSci 440
BioSci 466
  • The thermodynamic functions H, A and G, concept of chemical potential, equations for a closed system, Maxwell’s relations, thermodynamic analysis of processes –...
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BioSci 477
BioSci 478
CS 412
  • This course deals with pattern recognition which has several important applications. For example, multimedia document recognition (MDR) and automatic medical dia...
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CS 430
  • It introduces Biometric traits and its aim, image processing basics, basic image operations, filtering, enhancement, sharpening, edge detection, smoothening, enh...
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CS 434
CS 438
CS 443
CS 454
  • This course aims to teach students the principles involved in compiler design. It will cover all the basic components of a compiler but not the advanced material...
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CS 458
  • The objective of this course is to discuss storage systems, their design and analysis from both hardware (architectural features) and system software (operating ...
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CS 459
  • Introduction to Modeling Timing constraints,Scheduling Real-Time Tasks: Types of Schedulers, table-driven, Cyclic, EDF, RMA, Handling Resource sharing among real...
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CS 464
CS 465
CS 468
  • The course covers all elementary concepts such as coloring, covering, hamiltonicity, planarity, connectivity and so on, it will also introduce the students to so...
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CS 516
Math 212
Math 228
  • Cyclic modules. Simple modules. Semi-simple modules. Schuler's Lemma. Free modules.Notherian and artinian modules and rings-Hilbert basis theorem. Wedderburn-Art...
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