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Level Course Title University Provider
ARCH260 Future Cities ETH Zurich EdX
ARCH318 Designing Cities University of Pennsylvania Coursera
ART101 Art Appreciation and Techniques Saylor Saylor
ART102 Art Appreciation and Techniques Saylor Saylor
ART255 Buddhist Art Saylor Saylor
ART283 African Art Saylor Saylor
ART290 Introduction to Computational Arts State University of New York Coursera
ART324 Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture Vanderbilt University Coursera
CS440 Artificial Intelligence Saylor Saylor
EE261 Circuits and Electronics MIT EdX
EE261 Linear Circuits Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
EE270 Digital Systems Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona Coursera
EE280 A System View of Communications: From Signals to Packets (Part 1) The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology EdX
EE288 Electronic Interfaces: Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds University of California, Berkeley EdX
EE354 Computation Structures - Part 1: Digital Circuits MIT EdX
ENTR129 The Enterprise Shed: Making Ideas Happen Newcastle University FutureLearn
GL235 Creative Problem Solving University of Minnesota Coursera
MATSCI320 Composite Materials Overview for Engineers University of Washington EdX
MATSCI406 Introduction to Biomaterials IIT Kanpur NPTEL
MATSCI415 Electroceramics IIT Kanpur NPTEL
PSYCH100 Why We Need Psychology University of London International Programmes Coursera
PSYCH100 Introduction to Psychology St. Margaret’s Episcopal School EdX
PSYCH101 Foundations of Psychology RMIT university Open2Study