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Level Course Title University Provider
ART103 Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
ASTR101 The Evolving Universe Caltech EdX
ASTR101 Introduction to Astronomy Duke University Coursera
ASTR240 Super-Earths And Life Harvard EdX
ASTR345 Galaxies and Cosmology California Institute of Technology Coursera
ASTR360 The Science of the Solar System Caltech Coursera
ASTR435 Relativity and Astrophysics Cornell EdX
EE214 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering Rice University Coursera
EE261 Circuits and Electronics MIT EdX
EE310 Principles of Electric Circuits: Part 1 Tsinghua EdX
ENVSCI101 Introduction to Environmental Science Dartmouth EdX
MATH80 Succeed with Maths OUUK OpenupEd
MATH96 Pre-University Calculus Delft EdX
MATH131 Effective Thinking Through Mathematics UTAustin EdX
MATH230 Differential Equations Saylor Saylor
MATH260 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking Stanford University Coursera
MED0 Clinical Problem Solving University of California, San Francisco Coursera
MED0 Medical Neuroscience Duke University Coursera
MED0 Drugs and the Brain California Institute of Technology Coursera
MED0 Fundamentals of Pharmacology University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MED0 Vital Signs: Understanding What the Body Is Telling Us University of Pennsylvania Coursera
PHYS230 Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity Stanford University Coursera
PSYCH180 The Science of Happiness University of California, Berkeley EdX
PSYCH318 Moralities of Everyday Life Yale University Coursera