4 courses that answer "What is the EU?"

BREXIT has taken over the news and now some of you are thinking how can I learn more about Europe and the European Union. There has to be more to it than Belgian waffles, German beer, and Cristiano Ronaldo. We found some courses that can shed light on what is going on.

Understanding Europe: Why It Matters and What It Can Offer You
HEC Paris / Coursera

By the name alone this course clearly is pro European Union. It covers the basic history and current version of the EU. More importantly for...

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CourseBuffet Degree Paths!

We at CourseBuffet are thrilled to introduce CourseBuffet Degree Paths.

These are learning path that have requirements that are roughly equivalent to Bachelor’s degree at a US University. You populate the path with free MOOC/online courses. Now you get a full bachelor’s degree worth of learning for $0. We have a full FAQ here (you must login). Let’s see what the path looks like.

Degree Paths Pick

First you pick a path. At the moment we have Computer Science and Management.


Then we...

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Summer time and the learning is easy...or at least free!

A lot of us are going to enjoy our summer vacations soon. Have you thought about sparing time
everyday to learn a new subject you always wanted to know more about?  This summer some stellar
MOOCs are being offered by the top universities. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your
knowledge or add a new skill to your resume. Check these five great courses we recommend.

For full list of courses, visit Happy Learning!
1) Enhance Your Career and...

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