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Level Course Title University Provider
ART363 Understanding Video Games University of Alberta Coursera
CHEM E301 Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics IIT Bombay NPTEL
CHEM E310 Fundamentals of Transport Processes IISc Bangalore NPTEL
CHEM E480 Mass Transfer Operations I IIT Guwahati NPTEL
CIVIL E215 Mechanics of Soft Materials IIT Kanpur NPTEL
CIVIL E230 The Next Generation Infrastructures Delft EdX
CS163 Intro to HTML and CSS Udacity Udacity
CS294 HTML5 Canvas Udacity Udacity
ECON424 Game Theory Stanford University Coursera
ENTR183 How to Start a Startup Y Combinator Y Combinator
GER101 Auf Deutsch: Communicating in German Across Cultures University of Pennsylvania Coursera
LAW336 Constitutional Law Yale University Coursera
LAW365 International Human Rights Law: Prospects and Challenges Duke University Coursera
MATH96 Pre-University Calculus Delft EdX
MATH171 Calculus I Saylor Saylor
MATH172 Single-Variable Calculus I Saylor Saylor
MATH173 Single-Variable Calculus II Saylor Saylor
MECH E110 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Saylor Saylor
MECH E110 Introduction to Engineering Mechanics Georgia Institute of Technology Coursera
MECH E120 Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Mathematics UTArlington EdX
MECH E212 Mechanics I Saylor Saylor
MECH E212 Mechanics II - Dynamics Saylor Saylor
MECH E301 Thermodynamics Saylor Saylor
MECH E350 Fundamentals of Fluid-Solid Interactions École Polytechnique Coursera
MGT491 Strategic Management Open2Study Open2Study
MRKT215 Digital Branding and Engagement Curtin university EdX
MRKT360 An Introduction to Marketing University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MUS164 Introduction to Digital Sound Design Emory University Coursera
MUS364 Introduction to Music Production Berklee College of Music Coursera
PHIL201 Introduction to Logic Stanford University Coursera
POLSCI210 America's Written Constitution Yale University Coursera
STATS205 Statistics One Princeton University Coursera