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Level Course Title University Provider
ART101 Art Appreciation and Techniques Saylor Saylor
ART102 Art Appreciation and Techniques Saylor Saylor
ART103 Introduction to Art: Concepts & Techniques The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
ART180 Live!: A History of Art for Artists, Animators and Gamers California Institute of the Arts Coursera
ART201 Introduction to Western Art History: Prehistoric to High Gothic Saylor Saylor
ART255 Buddhist Art Saylor Saylor
ART303 Modern Art Saylor Saylor
ART309 Baroque Art to Neoclassicism Saylor Saylor
ART324 Leading Innovation in Arts and Culture Vanderbilt University Coursera
ART335 The Language of Hollywood: Storytelling, Sound, and Color Wesleyan University Coursera
ART405 Contemporary Art Saylor Saylor
ENG91 How Writers Write Poetry The Writing University The Writing University
ENG108 Introduction to Cultural and Literary Studies Saylor Saylor
ENG215 The Art of Poetry Boston University EdX
ENG216 Poetry in America: Modernism Harvard EdX
ENG217 Modern & Contemporary American Poetry University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MGT169 The Art of Negotiation University of California, Irvine Coursera
SPAN93 AP® Spanish Language and Culture Boston University EdX
SPAN93 AP Spanish Language and Culture St. Margaret’s Episcopal School EdX