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Level Course Title University Provider
ARCH204 The Architectural Imagination Harvard EdX
ARCH204 Architecture 101 - Part I Abadir Fine Arts Academy Iversity
ARCH204 Architecture 101 - Part III Abadir Fine Arts Academy Iversity
ARCH250 Models in Architecture – design through physical & digital models Delft EdX
ARCH250 Urban Design for the Public Good: Dutch Urbanism Delft EdX
ARCH260 Smart Cities EPFL EdX
ARCH260 Future Cities ETH Zurich EdX
ARCH318 Sustainable Urban Development Delft EdX
ARCH318 Designing Cities University of Pennsylvania Coursera
ARCH320 Re-Enchanting the City - Designing the Human Habitat UNSW Australia (The University of New South Wales) Coursera
ARCH325 The Meaning of Rome: The Renaissance and Baroque City NotreDame EdX
ARCH332 The Search for Vernacular Architecture of Asia, Part 1 The University of Hong Kong EdX
ARCH336 Modern Japanese Architecture: From Meiji Restoration to Today Tokyo Tech EdX
ART317 Roman Architecture Saylor Saylor
ART317 Roman Architecture Yale University Coursera
ART333 Early Renaissance Architecture in Italy: from Alberti to Bramante Sapienza University of Rome Coursera
CE456 Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing Northwestern University Coursera
CHEM E323 Organic Electronic Devices Purdue EdX
CS543 High Performance Computer Architecture Udacity Udacity
EE330 Cyber-Physical Systems University of California, Berkeley EdX
ENVSCI240 How Green Is That Product? An Introduction to Environmental Life Cycle Assessment Northwestern University Coursera
HIST240 A Global History of Architecture: Part 1 MIT EdX
HIST313 The Art and Archaeology of Ancient Nubia Emory University Coursera
MECH E357 Everything is the Same: Modeling Engineered Systems Northwestern University Coursera
MGT260 Intro to Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architects Open2Study
OCN E307 Dynamics of Ocean Structures IIT Madras NPTEL
OCN E312 Hydrostatics and Stability IIT Kharagpur NPTEL
OCN E337 Marine Hydrodynamics IIT Kharagpur NPTEL
OCN E455 Marine Construction and Welding IIT Kharagpur NPTEL