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Level Course Title University Provider
AS0 Animal Behaviour and Welfare The University of Edinburgh Coursera
COM101 Introduction to Public Speaking University of Washington Coursera
COM101 Public Speaking Saylor Saylor
CS85 MyCS: Computer Science for Beginners HarveyMudd EdX
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science I Saylor Saylor
CS101 Introduction to Computer Science II Saylor Saylor
CS101 Computer Science 101 Stanford University Coursera
CS101 Learn to Program: The Fundamentals University of Toronto Coursera
IT224 User Experience for the Web Open2Study Open2Study
IT250 Management Information Systems Saylor Saylor
IT267 Geospatial Intelligence & the Geospatial Revolution The Pennsylvania State University Coursera
IT271 Introduction to Cloud Computing IEEE EdX
IT274 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Georgia Institute of Technology EdX
IT286 Interactive Computer Graphics The University of Tokyo Coursera
IT301 Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coursera
IT331 Information Theory The Chinese University of Hong Kong Coursera
IT374 Information Security and Risk Management in Context University of Washington Coursera
IT375 Building an Information Risk Management Toolkit University of Washington Coursera
IT383 Usable Security University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
IT423 Networks: Friends, Money, and Bytes Princeton University Coursera
IT427 Information Security Saylor Saylor
IT427 Software Security University of Maryland, College Park Coursera
IT427 Designing and Executing Information Security Strategies University of Washington Coursera
IT465 GPS: An Introduction to Satellite Navigation, with an interactive Worldwide Laboratory using Smartphones Stanford University Coursera
MGT100 Management KTU OpenupEd
MGT101 Introduction to Business Saylor Saylor
MGT160 Communication in the 21st Century Workplace University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT166 Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity University of California, Irvine Coursera
MRKT215 Digital Branding and Engagement Curtin university EdX
MRKT215 Digital Marketing: Challenges and Insights University of Southampton FutureLearn
MRKT250 Reputation Management in a Digital World Cornell EdX
MRKT360 Introduction to Marketing The University of British Columbia EdX
MRKT360 An Introduction to Marketing University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MRKT360 Principles of Marketing Saylor Saylor
MRKT360 Marketing Fundamentals: Who Is Your Customer? Babson EdX
MRKT412 Digital Marketing Channels: Planning University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Coursera