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Level Course Title University Provider
ACCT201 An Introduction to Financial Accounting University of Pennsylvania Coursera
COM263 Communicating Strategically Purdue EdX
EDU386 Children Acquiring Literacy Naturally University of California, Santa Cruz Coursera
EDU513 University Teaching 101 Johns Hopkins University Coursera
FIN160 Finance for Non-Financial People University of California, Irvine Coursera
GL163 Becoming a Resilient Person - The Science of Stress Management University of Washington EdX
MGT160 Communication in the 21st Century Workplace University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT165 Fundamentals of Management University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT166 Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT169 The Art of Negotiation University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT170 Project Management: The Basics for Success University of California, Irvine Coursera
MGT301 Organizational Analysis Stanford University Coursera
MGT373 Better Leader, Richer Life University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MRKT360 Introduction to Marketing The University of British Columbia EdX
MRKT360 An Introduction to Marketing University of Pennsylvania Coursera
MUS110 Introduction to Classical Music Yale University Coursera
POLSCI320 How to Change the World Wesleyan University Coursera
POLSCI340 Introduction to Public Administration Saylor Saylor
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology Princeton University Coursera
SOC315 Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys University of Michigan Coursera
TRDEV85 Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects UC San Diego Coursera